What’s in a name?

We are often asked why we are called ‘Astryx’. Our story starts with several brainstorming sessions that led us to the legal punctuation of the asterisk – that little star! The use of this punctuation resonated with us to denote a point of clarification – which Co-Founders Megan and Caroline are known for.

Why this name stuck further, is that an asterisk is used as a search wildcard to help identify all of the unknowns from a root search term. Similarly, this is the heart of how we work – we identify the root cause of problem statements and option create.

We then of course, had to make the ‘asterisk’ our own – and that’s how we came to be Astryx!

The Astryx Tribe brings a personal touch through our culture based on belonging

We call ourselves the Astryx ‘Tribe’ to reflect our commonality in culture and values. As a Tribe, we value diversity, authenticity and the desire to learn and grow. Each of us are curious and invested in delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, taking pride in our work.

We encourage autonomy through a teamed approach to client delivery, where each individual brings their specialist skillset to the table.

Our founding Principals

Megan and Caroline founded Astryx with a vision of delivering high quality and tailored advice and services for our clients.

Caroline McDonald

Commercial Principal

Caroline has a breadth of commercial advisory and legal experience. She has a proven ability to integrate into project teams to assist in developing tailored commercial documents for large-scale complex projects.

With end-to-end experience across the procurement life-cycle, Caroline offers a unique perspective with specific focus on information technology, commercial services and infrastructure procurements.   Her ability to synthesise and present complex information clearly assists in analysing multifaceted issues and the identification of mitigations for potential risk.

​Caroline provides a commercial perspective to procurements and contract development, as well as a strong skillset in negotiating complex commercial arrangements on behalf of clients. Caroline supports her clients and their greater team throughout the procurement lifecycle, which ensures contracts can be managed easily and optimised to deliver value for money throughout delivery.

Megan Fechner

Procurement Principal

Megan’s core strengths are in the delivery of strategic procurement planning, process and framework development as well as general procurement and commercial advice.

An expert in complex and large scale procurements, Megan delivers quality strategic outcomes whilst expertly navigating the many procurement complexities, underpinned by her ‘outcome first’ ethos.

​Through listening and truly understanding clients’ needs, Megan drives to achieve outcomes in stringent timeframes. Her understanding of when and how to test the boundaries of procurement rules and processes delivers practical solutions to realise clients’ needs.

Irrespective of the environment or stage in the procurement lifecycle, Megan is able to assist clients in identifying options and pathways to success. Her creation of a one-team approach to realise outcomes results in up-skilling of the procurement officers around her.

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